At RPCC, our goal is to provide opportunities for children to grow socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically in a warm environment. We want our children to build a positive self-image; discover their creative spirit; learn problem-solving skills; develop self-control and consideration of others; increase coordination and balance, and most importantly – know that learning is fun!

Meet Our Director

Robin Sagarin


Director Robin Sagarin, Robin has an academic background in  elementary education/special needs with a B.S. from Lesley College and  a Master Degree in Education from Providence College.  She has over 25 years of experience focusing on early childhood education. For the past ten years as Center Director, previously as a toddler and three-year old nursery school teacher. Her passion is for child-centered play based education.

Our Team

Marlene – April 2015


Antaris - Feb 2013


Antaris – February 2012

Melissa – Aug 2013


Marisol – May 2012


Gail – July 2013

Pre-K 1

Amy – August 2017

Pre-K 1

Lourdes – Feb 2014

Pre-K 1

Emma - Feb 2011

Pre-K 2

Maritza – July 2011

Pre-K 2

Brighdin - Jan 2013

Floating Teacher