At RPCC, our goal is to provide opportunities for children to grow socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically in a warm environment. We want our children to build a positive self-image; discover their creative spirit; learn problem-solving skills; develop self-control and consideration of others; increase coordination and balance, and most importantly – know that learning is fun!

RPCC believes that early years of learning are the most valuable. Children learn through play, constructing their knowledge by touching, tasting, smelling, watching, listening, thinking, and doing. Our curriculum encourages choice-making, autonomy, and social competence. The exploration of music and movement, science and nature, families and culture, art and numbers is integrated into the day. And, we encourage each child to explore, experiment, and develop skills at his/her own level of ability.

We believe that getting to know a family is an important step in our ability to meet the needs of their children. As such, we actively seek out opportunities to interact with our families.

In addition to formal communication with teachers through classroom newsletters and curriculum sheets and semi-annual parent-teacher conferences, parents have daily informal contact with teachers and other parents and enjoy a variety of family activities throughout the year. We hold get-togethers that allow families to meet one another and get a closer look at the children’s school world. Some of these activities include our fall Welcome Picnic, our annual Thanksgiving dinner, and a Family Game night. We also have an open door policy.

Parents looking for greater involvement in the school are invited to join RPCC’s Board of Directors or volunteer to assist with activities or other projects.