Scheduling Options

RPCC is open from 7:45 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Children begin to arrive at RPCC at 7:45 a.m.  All children must be at school by 9:00 a.m. when our developmental program begins. You may choose between a 3:30 p.m. pick-up and a 5:30 p.m. pick-up and may enroll your child for any combination of days in the week. Fees are pro-rated based on your child’s enrollment pattern.


Open enrollment is available throughout the year on a space available basis. Current families wishing to continue enrollment are asked to submit a request for their child’s anticipated summer and fall schedule. New families are then invited to fill remaining slots. Slots also become available throughout the year, so families are encouraged to be in touch with the Director about availability. RPCC maintains an active wait list if your child is interested in attending and no spots are currently available.

Application/Admissions Procedures

Families are encouraged to attend an Open House or schedule a private tour when in the decision-making process. The Director is happy to provide tours of the facility, explain our philosophy and policies, and let you observe the classrooms.  Families wishing to enroll are then asked to complete an Application for Enrollment. The family will be contacted by the Director if a spot for the desired program is available.

In order to hold a spot once it is offered, families must submit the following:

  • $100 registration fee and $500 tuition deposit (to serve as payment for the last week a child attends school).  Both these fees are non-refundable.
  • Registration forms, including an emergency release, pick-up names, and a developmental history
  • Health form completed by a physician, including all state-required immunizations and tests (such as chicken pox vaccine, lead test)
  • Tuition contract

The Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care requires that all forms including the medical form be completed and returned to the Center before a child attends.  Forms must be updated annually.

Tuition Rates

Tuition rates vary based on the number of days your child is enrolled and the scheduled pick-up time. Please see our rate schedule for the current academic year (also available from the Director) for details. Rates increase each July.

Health & Safety

RPCC maintains a complete written record for each child in our care. Pertinent health histories (such as allergies, chronic conditions or susceptibilities) are also required. All health records, immunization records and emergency contacts are kept up-to-date and easily accessible in case of emergency. All food and drug allergies are posted in the classrooms, on the center refrigerator, and in the office.

All staff are trained annually in universal precautions and infection control and are observed periodically to ensure that proper precautions are utilized. Children are monitored for signs of illnesses or infection upon entrance to the center and throughout the day, and may be sent home if they pose a health risk to themselves or to other children. A detailed health care policy is available from the Director by request.

Allergies/Nut-Safe Environment

RPCC staff members have received extensive training in allergy management and have worked successfully with many families who have serious allergy concerns. Any food or drug allergies should be noted on a child’s health records and on the developmental history and application forms. All food and drug allergies are posted in the classrooms, on the center refrigerator, and in the office.

RPCC is a nut-safe environment, which means that lunches and snacks may not contain nuts of any kind (not just peanuts). Families are also advised of other food allergies in their child’s classroom, which may further affect the lunches students may bring to school to ensure the safety of any allergic children. If you have any question about whether a particular food item is appropriate, please ask your child’s teachers or the Director.

Pick-up & Drop Off Policy

To ensure the safety and security of children at the center, we ask that parents follow standard drop-off and pick-up procedures. When arriving at the Center, you are asked to escort him/her to the classroom, and inform the teacher in charge that you have arrived. This ensures the safety of the children in the Center and lets you and your child’s teacher share information. When you pick your child up at the end of the day, you will inform the teacher in charge that you are leaving. Anyone other than the parent/guardian who may pick up your child must be listed on the pick-up and consent forms. If you cannot bring those people to the Center and introduce us to them, they MUST BRING A PICTURE I.D. so that we can verify their identity. An I.D. is also required from any parent that the staff has not met. Please let us know in writing to expect another pick-up person, even if that person is listed on the forms.

Please note that we cannot prohibit anyone listed as parent or guardian on enrollment forms or other forms from picking up a child without a signed court order prohibiting it on file at the school.

Visitor Policy

All visitors to RPCC are greeted at the secure front door. Picture identification is required from all unfamiliar visitors. A visitor listed as an authorized person to pick up a child must still show picture identification if the director and/or staff does not know him/her.