4 plus

Class Size and Ratio

Maximum class size: 12
2 teachers to 12 children, plus floating teacher

Class Goals

In this classroom we continue to enhance the current skills of the individual child and introduce more problem-solving ideas. We create a well-balanced curriculum with STEAM and hands on activities, while also working on kindergarten readiness skills.

Our curriculum is emergent and created based on interests and needs of the class. Currently the children show interest in science and technology. Along with social projects we offer one on one attention to each child to strengthen all areas of development.

A main component of the PreK-2 room is independence that builds self-esteem.

Typical Day

  • Free play
  • Morning snack
  • Bathroom
  • Circle time/ calendar
  • Special activity/ project
  • Area time
  • Gross Motor
  • Lunch
  • Bathroom/ toothbrushing
  • Nap/ Books
  • Bathroom
  • Afternoon snack/ free play
  • Afternoon groups
  • Gross motor