Children are placed in classrooms based on a variety of factors including age, developmental level, learning style, and classmate compatibility.

Nurturing Your Child

At RPCC, we believe a healthy self-image lays the foundation for future success. Our goal is to nurture self-confidence and social skills while encouraging children to explore their world, ask questions, and become life-long learners.

Promoting Respect

Our teachers design learning activities that foster social, intellectual, physical, and emotional growth in each child. The curriculum promotes respect for others and encourages every child to fulfill her or his potential.

Supporting Development

Because our classrooms are developmentally appropriate, activities differ depending on stages of growth. Sample classroom activities include artwork, blocks, cooking, dress-up, puzzles, and sand and water play. Music, movement, and story times are important parts of the children’s daily routine. Our children have fun investigating science and the natural world, developing literacy-readiness skills, such as letter recognition and printing, and exploring basic math, such as counting, sorting, and patterns.